Meet the Orchestra: Oboes

We are so excited to see so many old faces we haven’t seen since pre-pandemic times, and lots of wonderful new faces too. This week let’s meet the Oboes. Ethan Dylan Derda has been with the orchestra for many years and is currently working on a degree in oboe performance. He organizes a reed-ing circle, where you can learn how to make your own reeds.  Mary Beth dusted off her oboe for the first time since she graduated college to join the orchestra this past month and is very happy to be making music again. She says she is playing on her 6th-grade oboe, and it still works great.

Say hello to Ethan and Mary Beth next Monday at rehearsal!

Interested in Joining?

The CWSO is open to any musicians who want to play—no auditions needed! Learn more about joining and come to the Jefferson Memorial Fieldhouse on Monday evenings to join us at rehearsal.

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