Meet the Orchestra: Cellos

Ce-llo…is me you’re looking for? Look no further than our solid cello section. There are a lot of them – so please read to the bottom to get to know these fine folks who keep the beat steady in rehearsal!

Front row far right: Petr is the cello section’s fearless leader, having been with the Chicago Citywide Symphony Orchestra since 2008 when he first came to Chicago from the Czech Republic. He is actually in two community orchestras, and it was in the other group that he met his wife, a violinist. They now have a little boy who speaks three languages! Front row middle: Bole, pictured on his first night with the Citywide Symphony, joined the orchestra because his friends invited him to check it out. Front row far left: Marnie joined the Orchestra after chatting with Citywide members at Side by Side with the Philharmonic in Summer of 2018. She played the June 2019 concert just days before her due date, her baby bump helping to hold up her cello.

The back row from right to left is Kelsey, Cidnee, Jasmine, Michael, Ryan, and Stacy. Kelsey has been playing cello since 4th grade and just moved back to Chicago after 8 years in Oregon. She wants to know your favorite neighborhood, as she is on the hunt for a good apartment! Cidnee started cello in 5th grade and also just moved to Chicago. She just started her PhD in Psychology and, having moved from Florida, has yet to experience a Midwest winter. Jasmine is spending her second year in Chicago and says that after last year she’s here to stay. She loves the live music Chicago has to offer and that you don’t need a car to get everywhere. After she decided to stay, she looked for an orchestra where she could start playing again. Michael has been playing cello since 2006, and like most of the members of the orchestra took a music break when he started working. It was only recently that his mom suggested he look into playing again that he found Citywide Symphony (Thanks, mom!). Ryan found Citywide Symphony through his old high school conductor, who suggested it to him. Stacy has been playing cello for 30 years and is so happy to be playing with such a robust cello section.

Interested in Joining?

The CWSO is open to any musicians who want to play—no auditions needed! Learn more about joining and come to the Jefferson Memorial Fieldhouse on Monday evenings to join us at rehearsal.

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