Meet the Orchestra: Clarinets

This week it’s the Clarinets. On the far left is TJ, who has been with Citywide Symphony for more than a decade. His main instrument is clarinet, but he has dabbled in trombone, sax, bassoon and even violin for 2 weeks. He has been playing throughout his life, even when he briefly lived in Denver, he played in a community band there. He is a big fan of music in video games, especially Final Fantasy, and counts among his favorite concert experiences seeing the Chicago Symphony play Final Fantasy music live.

In the middle is Deanna, who joined Citywide Symphony in 2016. She has been playing clarinet since 5th grade through Concordia University and has played in the Chicago Philharmonic side-by-side concerts.

On the far right is Emily, who is part of a very musical family. Her family owns a music store. While she plays clarinet, other members of her family play the trumpet, trombone, and percussion, and her mom plays the cello. She has recently dabbled in violin so she can do Christmas duets with her mom. She is a 2nd-grade teacher as well.

Rounding out the clarinets, but not pictured, is Julie, who also joined Citywide Symphony in 2016. She’s played clarinet since the age of 10 through college. Let’s hear it for the clarinets, who have some pretty important solos in the upcoming concert!

Interested in Joining?

The CWSO is open to any musicians who want to play—no auditions needed! Learn more about joining and come to the Jefferson Memorial Fieldhouse on Monday evenings to join us at rehearsal.

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