Meet the Orchestra: Clarinets

This week it’s the Clarinets. On the far left is TJ, who has been with Citywide Symphony for more than a decade. His main instrument is clarinet, but he has dabbled in trombone, sax, bassoon and even violin for 2 weeks. He has been playing throughout his life, even when he briefly lived in Denver, heContinue reading “Meet the Orchestra: Clarinets”

Meet the Orchestra: Bassoons

This week it’s the Bassoons. On the left is Sally, her first time back on the bassoon in 20 years, though she came close to pursuing bassoon professionally. She switched from flute to bassoon in 6th grade because there were 32 flutes in the band—you heard that right—32! But she’s glad she did and worked hard andContinue reading “Meet the Orchestra: Bassoons”

Meet the Orchestra: Violas

This week let’s meet the Violas. Front-row-left is Chelsea, a long-time member of Citywide Symphony. She started her musical training in classical viola, but about 10 years ago added jug band and jazz-style playing. She’s also a really good swing dancer, you can find her dancing at the Green Mill in Uptown or Honky Tonk BBQContinue reading “Meet the Orchestra: Violas”

Meet the Orchestra: Cellos

Ce-llo…is me you’re looking for? Look no further than our solid cello section. There are a lot of them – so please read to the bottom to get to know these fine folks who keep the beat steady in rehearsal! Front row far right: Petr is the cello section’s fearless leader, having been with the ChicagoContinue reading “Meet the Orchestra: Cellos”

Meet the Orchestra: French Horns

This week, meet the French Horns. Far Right, Michelle has been playing in orchestras throughout high school and college, then took a break to go to med school, residency, and is now an attending. The doctor is in and is happy to be picking up her instrument again to join Citywide Symphony. Middle Right, Roberto, has played in variousContinue reading “Meet the Orchestra: French Horns”

Meet the Orchestra: Concertmaster

Meet our concertmaster, Martha Ash. Martha played in the CWSO when she was in middle school, back when it was known as the Student’s Symphony at Jefferson Park, under the baton of Ms. Fanny Hassler—the founder and director of the music program. Martha loved the orchestral playing experience and continued to play in community and college orchestrasContinue reading “Meet the Orchestra: Concertmaster”

CWSO Welcomes Music Instructor Jason Ellis

Jason Ellis is thrilled to join the team at Jefferson Park as music instructor and Park liaison for CWSO!  Jason has taught at Interlochen Center for the Arts, Merit School of Music, The Chicago High School for the Arts, as well as his alma mater, The Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University.  During his eight yearsContinue reading “CWSO Welcomes Music Instructor Jason Ellis”

Meet the Orchestra: Flutes

We’ve got four very talented flautists.  Far-left is Shannon, a law student who plays both flute and the Chinese Harp, the Konghou. Next to her at middle-left is Deb, who has started with the Orchestra three times in the past few years, each time to be interrupted by life and a big pandemic pause. We’re so happy she’sContinue reading “Meet the Orchestra: Flutes”

Meet the Orchestra: Trumpets

Let’s meet the trumpets this week. Phil, left, was in his high school marching band and says he’s very happy to pick up his instrument after a long hiatus to make music again. He’s also about to start raising chickens in his backyard. Clentice, right, has been with the orchestra for 13 years.  He also has a marching bandContinue reading “Meet the Orchestra: Trumpets”