Meet the Orchestra: French Horns

This week, meet the French Horns. Far Right, Michelle has been playing in orchestras throughout high school and college, then took a break to go to med school, residency, and is now an attending. The doctor is in and is happy to be picking up her instrument again to join Citywide Symphony. Middle Right, Roberto, has played in various orchestras and bands, notably the marching band at U of I, Urbana Champaign. Middle Left, Jessica played with the Chicago Citywide Symphony briefly in 2019 before the pandemic and is happy to be back. She became a big plant mom during the pandemic—and counts 25 happy plants in her home. Far Left, Lee has been with the orchestra for many years and is the treasurer on the CWSO Board of Directors. If you have any dues questions – seek out Lee, and she’ll be able to answer them for you.

Say hello to Michelle, Roberto, Jessica, and Lee next week at rehearsal!

Interested in Joining?

The CWSO is open to any musicians who want to play—no auditions needed! Learn more about joining and come to the Jefferson Memorial Fieldhouse on Monday evenings to join us at rehearsal.

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